Organic products

Many health-conscious people choose to use only organic food products. These habits are generally believed to be more beneficial to one’s health overall. It is believed that the extra chemicals and additives can be detrimental to a person. Organic plants and animals are grown and raised in a very specific way. Organic plants are grown using natural fertilizer, such as manure, and the people who grow them do not use chemical pesticides or any potentially harmful substances. Animals raised organic are never fed growth hormones or antibiotics and have regular access to natural foods.

Despite the possible benefits of organic food, many stores do not carry any. This is especially a problem in rural areas around the US. We at the Morningside General Store have made an attempt to help fix this problem by offering some organic options. We carry several options from Eden Organic to choose from, as well as some bulk products from Azure Farms. Anyone interested in checking out our organic food products should come by and take some time and stop by.

We also have organic non-food products, like soap. The South of France soaps are completely organic and contain only natural ingredients.