Messianic items

We don’t just have groceries and gifts. We also have items that honor our Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters. Messianic Judaism is a movement to blend practices from the Jewish faith to the Christian faith core belief of Jesus being the only way to salvation. They do not keep the customs as a means to heaven, but rather as a means of honoring their heritage. Everything we have is made in and imported from Israel.

We have shofars in several different styles, ranging from small rams’ horns to the larger horns that come from the kudu. For those who do not know, a shofar is a traditional Jewish instrument made from the horn of an animal in the Bovidae family excluding cows. They are played to signal many Jewish services in the synagogue. All of our shofars are, as is required by the Talmud, hand-made in every aspect.

You can also find Menorahs in our collection. We have both the traditional seven -candle Menorah and the nine-candle Hanukkah Menorah. A seven-candle Menorah is most often seen as a symbol, used in the temple. The Hanukkah Menorah is used during the celebration of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. We have different styles of both types.

Anyone looking for a Mezuzah will be able to find many different kinds here. Mezuzahs are traditional items that are fastened to a door frame, tilted so that the top is facing toward the door. They contain verses from the Torah and are meant to bless the house and meet the requirement set forth by the mitzvah to have the words of the Shema inscribed on the doorpost of the house.

We also have yarmulkes, or kippahs, here. Kippahs are the traditional hemispherical headwear of Jewish males. They are worn as a requirement of Jewish law, meant to symbolize the divine presence of God being forever above them. It is a sign of respect for the heavenly Father.