Gifts & Misc items

Residents and guests alike will want to take a look at our gifts and other items of interest. You can find multiple types of bibles, like one in graphic novel form. We have shirts, hats, and jewelry. Anyone interested in Christian fiction or other books can find works by authors such as Beth Moore and we carry several books by Ted Decker. We also have the extremely popular book “Heaven Is For Real,” about the boy who saw heaven, and “Radical” by David Platt. For anyone who has seen the movie “The Ultimate Gift” might be interested in checking out the book by the same name, by Jim Stovall. Not only do we have books, but we have the book marks to go with them. We also carry a few DVD’s and CD’s that you may want to look at.

We have gifts for all ages, from children to the more experienced and aged individuals. Of course, not a single thing has to be a gift for anyone and you can easily find something for yourself too. We would love for anyone to stop in and look at what we have.