The General Store at Morningside in Blue Eye, Missouri is a one-stop shop perfect for getting the items one would normally have to travel into the nearest town to get…about a forty-five minute to an hour round trip. Because of the remote location of Morningside, we felt it necessary to provide a place for anyone staying to shop for everyday items whenever they need. Being open twenty-four hours a day makes us an ideal stop for nearby towns like Blue Eye or Lampe, Missouri and even Oak Grove, Arkansas. We are not limited to only the residents of Morningside: we welcome and encourage anyone who lives nearby to come in and shop.

We have a little bit of everything here and would love for you to come and look. We are open 24 hours a day and there is always someone here to help you. You can find food products that range from the everyday to organic food and vegan food. There are also the everyday essentials like toiletries and laundry items, along with camping supplies. Visitors can also get gifts for loved ones and even a few unique items you won’t find anywhere else.